I believe in marriage equality and that love is a basic human right.  Who a person falls in love with should not ever be an issue.  To make a marriage legal and binding I, as a Celebrant must currently state that 'marriage is the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others' and I believe this needs to change.

The following are excerpts from a Media Release made by the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, of which I am a member:

Australia's national civil celebrants association has endorsed marriage equality and called for a conscience vote from all parties. In a statement issued today, the National President of the Australian Federal of Civil Celebrants, Lance Tapsell, said,

"As the leading professional association for celebrants in Australia, the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC) is committed to marriage equality, and keenly awaits changes in legislation which will see the end of discrimination for couples in loving same-sex relationships."

"AFCC member celebrants have for many years been conducting commitment ceremonies for couples unable to legally wed, and are aware of their desire to be accorded equal rights under the law."  "It supports a conscience vote for all sides of politics to ensure that this matter is not hijacked by party politics, but reflects contemporary thinking in the broader community."

Australian Marriage Equality spokesperson, Rodney Croome, welcomed the statement saying civil celebrants are confronted with the reality of discrimination on a daily basis.  "Civil celebrants see the pain that is caused by discriminatory marriage laws, both to same-sex couples whose solemn vows have no legal standing and to heterosexual couples who are ambivalent about marrying while their gay friends and relatives can't."  "Celebrants have a deep appreciation of the true value and meaning of marriage as a vow of lifelong commitment between two loving partners, so naturally they will be concerned when the law does not reflect this true meaning and but entrenches discrimination and exclusion instead."